EMCAD  empcb
Software For PCB Design and Manufacture right through to the Component Placement/Assembly processing for both SMD and Through Hole components and more.



 EMCAD  the software designed to aid the production and assembly process that are required for rapid:
printed circuit board manufacturing,
solder past stencile processing,
component placement, smd pick and place data,
hand placment assembly printouts,
and much more.

Viewing of the initial pcb file, to production of all the files necessary for the manufacture and production of the final pcb product.

Schematic and PCB layouts

Full schematic and pcb cad work layout and editing.
Library part placement
Library part creation.
Gerber RS274X file import and exporting

PCB Manufacturing

Importing and paneling of PCB files.
Reverse engineering of imported files for manufacturing.
Producing all the film work for photo etching.
Setup and Exporting all the CNC files for pcb drilling and milling.

Solder Paste Stencils

For the design and export of the solder past stencils.
Quick editing of pad expansions, pad shapes and sizes
For the sorting and turning large pads into small grid pads suitable for solder past screens
Gerber RS274X exporting
DXF exporting for stencil cutters

PCB Assembly

Creation of the bill of materials and cross linking to in-house part numbers
Setup and exporting of Pick & Place files that doesn't depend on the initial component orientation from the imported pcb file.
This means the  Pick & Place file will all have the components correct orientation for placement, regardless of component footprints orientation from the design file.
Export of coloured coded layouts for hand placement.